Our History

International Labor Exhibition - Milan 1912

The company was founded at the beginning last century from Mr. Antonio Bertuola. Later his sons have entered the board of the company and nowadays the firm is managed by his nephews. The original production was horseshoes and trailers, both made by either wood or iron.

The mastery, the commitment and the ability of the company were immediately appreciated either by the large, private audience either by the public authority.
In fact, in 1912 and 1913 at the “Milan Exhibition”, Mr. Antonio Bertuola was rewarded with the “Gold Medal for Quality”.

Along the time and with the arrival of 2nd and 3rd generations, the offer of the company is enriched with industrial trailers, and in special way with a clear specialization in the production of agricultural machinery.

Key words at the Bertuola company are “Technological Innovation” and “Market Satisfaction”. Year by year the company has differentiated and has completed its products to follow the enquiries of the market.

XXV Fiera macchine agricole - S.Lucia 1971
Through constant dedication and attention, today the company is offering high-technology products made by innovative materials (steel alloy, polyester fibre, aluminum) and equipped with advanced devices:  electronic control systems, mechanical suspensions leaf springs, independent hydraulic suspensions with self-steering axles, air brakes with automatic regulator and more. Every year the company produce new equipments for going to meet the request of the market.
Our productions are: Trailers, Dumpers, Slurry Tank, Manure speaders, Flatcar
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